Our client – the tax consulting company – has set itself a goal of launching new product. The idea was simple – it should allow customer to settle the income tax declaration in few minutes for a small fee. The service would be accessible via 2 access channels:

  1. Dedicated website,
  2. Mobile applications available on iOS and Android platforms.


Our client had a small IT department, which is why he expected the support on every project stage. He also had previous experience in cooperating with mobile applications developers, which, however, did not meet his expectations. Because of that, our client took a bit cautious approach to our cooperation.

Our job was to coordinate the development process of new Application Programming Interface (API) for mobile application, design its appearance and User Experience (UX) and to develop the final product and test it. The client was paying special attention to quality of the code and the ability to easily pass it on to his own programmers – that is, when his own development team will be assembled.


FPD chose Mobter to design and develop interface and User Experience for both mobile applications. In addition, our architects designed the API for both applications.

Project realization

The API project took about a week; design of mobile application appearance and User Experience – a week for each platform. Programming and tests for both platforms took another 4 weeks.


The project of launching new service proved to be a great success – in fact so much, that FPD plans to expand its existing application even more and to create other mobile projects in the future.

Currently FPD has more than 28 555 satisfied customers that filled over 35 000 income tax declarations.

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After few mobile projects that I realized in cooperation with other companies, I decided to do a reference project of the highest quality. I made a decision to work with Mobter, and I have to say that before the project began, the value seemed quite high. Now, when the project is finished, I think it was really worth it. Mobter has “led me by the hand” since the first contact up until the moment when applications were published in Google Store and AppStore. Mobter team has designed the appearance and high utility of applications precisely according to my guidelines.

Our goal was to create applications that would allow user to use them quickly and easy. Right now, they allow to send an income tax declaration in less than 2,5 minute, including the time spent on launching the application and transferring the payment. This is a huge time and money saver for users!

Janusz RynkChairman of the Board of FPD Ltd.