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Asseco Data Systems S.A. (Ltd.)
Asseco Data Systems S.A. (ADS) was established in 2016. The company develops software for leasing sector and local governments, delivers products and services based on both own and third party software, as well as solutions for ICT infrastructure, smart cities and buildings, offers data centers, training courses and systems designed to manage human capital. ADS also specializes in security and reliability of data and mass communication.


One of ADSes products is SimplySign – an application that allows user to safely sign any document (such as a contract, medical documentation, commercial offer, etc.) via computer or mobile device. In 2016, ADS made a decision to rebuild SimplySign mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. The company wanted to simplify the application, shorten the whole document signing process, modify its safety model and to add new functions.


The main challenge was to reach a compromise between changing the document signing process and doing as few changes as possible inside already existing application, while, at the same time, doing changes inside security and performance areas.


ADS made a decision to choose experts in every area that needed improvements. The areas of application design and user experience was given to one of the best companies in Poland, while the task to rebuild and further develop the mobile application became Mobter’s duty.

Project development

Mobter was responsible for programming changes in the application. The first month was spent to discuss its design and User Experience areas. The second step consisted of programming works that took place since March to June 2017.


SimplySign mobile application became the lider of electronic signature in Poland, achieving over 2 million certificates sold!

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At first, Mobter’s offer seemed a little more expensive than its competitors. However, after the project finished, I can certainly say that it was worth it. Mobter demonstrated great flexibility by adjusting its work schedule to simultaneously realized project of rebuilding ADSes server applications. Mobter took every care to develop all basic functionalities of the application before deadline – when SimplySign launch day came, everything was ready.

Cooperation with Mobter resulted in realization of our every business goal. They have done their job according to our every expectation, and in the assuming budget. I truly recommend cooperating with Mobter.

Tomasz LitarowiczThe director of Security and Trust Department