The most important stages of mobile application purchasing process

The program of „The most important stages of mobile application purchasing process” course:

  • The mobile applications market and its data
  • Development perspectives for clients specific industry
  • Planning: what do we want to do? What is our business goal? How do we plan to achieve it?
  • Project methodology – agile or traditional?
  • How to choose the project executor? Comparing clients requirements and executors experience
  • RFP (request for proposal) inquiry – who should we send it, what should we ask for and how will we compare different offers?
  • Choosing the payment model
  • Development planning as a key success factor: engaging internal and external resources and effectively documenting the project
  • The consequences of decisions made and their costs
  • Defining risks in mobile project
  • The development process and project overseeing
  • Tests, retests, UAT tests and final acceptance
  • Project documenting, draft, final acceptance and settling the costs.

Implementation of a mobile project in the SCRUM methodology

The program of “Implementation of a mobile project in the SCRUM methodology” course

  • SCRUM introduction
  • Roles and responsibilities – Product Owner, SCRUM Master, rest of the team
  • Tools – products register (Product Backlog), task register (Sprint Backlog), blockade register (Impediments Backlog)
  • Sprint practices
  • Sprint Burndown – monitoring of the work progress. The definition of team speed
  • Release Burndown – monitoring of the overall project progress
  • Analysis and adapting the work environment for SCRUM requirements
  • Course summary (retrospective)
  • Questions & answers